Perhaps, Just Perhaps

We now have Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister and a brand new cabinet with new Home Secretary Priti Patel who was a supporter of the death penalty, which I must be honest about, I am also. Innocent people are being treated so horribly and the white British working class people are not only being ignored but we are having our rights taken away from us and so very quickly. Why should this “tiny” island be subjected to misery? and why the hell, does Africa not build up their own towns and cities? we did, all those years ago. Some British folk immigrated to The New World, America and helped shape and build the greatest nation on the planet, our ancestors became prosperous and we flourished, why cannot Africa do this also? we in the West have been donating millions upon billions to Africa and we still see it no better, I am not and never have been a racist person, and in these crackpot times, one is afraid of being branded such or worse, having the oh so politically correct police at one’s door as some people are so very easily offended.I really don’t think that “people” are as much offended, as they are trouble-makers and upstarts, spoiled brats and flock like sheep . Having been to many musical festivals and concerts, |I really liked the music and meeting all the people, and even this has now been destroyed, at the Paul McCartney concert, they were all chanting fuck Trump? and that was really, really sad and disgusting, so why did McCartney,(who claims to be all about love & peace, man), not tell the mob to shut the hell up? and quit spewing our their hatred? It seems these so called celebs would like to make themselves out all goody, goody, but are in fact only concerned about themselves (period),¬† it’s the end of concerts and festivals as we knew them, and thanks to biased racists like asshole “strormzy”, who’s musical talents are zero anyway, but what a nasty creature.


Why The E.U?

Why the so called politicians ever want to stay in a system, where they “work” for 20 minutes at any one given day, where they must get tons of stuff done,”not”, and when they feel like it, they all up sticks and move around Europe, taking all their baggage with them and all at the tax payers expense, is beyond me. These parasites, with money to waste have no respect whatsoever for the British working class people, none at all. We do not get listened to even though it’s through the people these imbeciles are given their big salaries .So we should be very grateful to people like Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party, who are exposing them for what they really are, “con artist” who will rue the day that they turned against the indigenous people of these once beautiful countries, they should hang their heads in shame at the sad sorry state of Europe, where political correctness comes way before moral standards and foreigners are pandered to. Shame on them.


Would Queen Elizabeth I of England turn in her Royal Grave with regards to the awful way her beloved England is currently being run ? with her beloved London, now the most violent in it’s long, long history I’m quite sure she would have got it back in shape. And yet, our present monarch sits back and does not ever speak up about all the injustices that are going on in this once proud nation. Would England be better off without the Royal Family, I don”t think so, but is it now time for a revolution, as Cromwell did? I have always respected our Royal Family, but my patience is running out, why does our monarch never speak out against these injustices?
Queen Elizabeth I of England


We have surely been blessed to live in such a country, steeped with it’s rich past and history, but is there a real future for Great Britain?, with the evil of political correctness, and the lack of moral correctness and good family values .Are our once beautiful towns and cities now unpleasant no go areas and who is responsible for betraying the white working class British people ? It seems that everyone who is “not” a caring member and a native Briton are put first in line for health care, education, schools and employment, whilst the actual people, who do contribute to society are put last in line. Will we ever see again, a government that will look after it’s own people and not be hell-bent in their destruction and misery?

Great Briatia
Great Britain is a country steeped in rich history and a proud nation.

These Days

Being born in the early 1960s in Great Britain, I was the youngest of a family of six boys and one girl, families were usually about that size back then.My Father worked with the construction business but was not on the Board of Directors or that kind of thing, he was a humble laboring person with a good head for heights, whereas my Mother like myself ,was terrified by it. Growing up in family like mine was good as something was always getting done around the place,usually always something to do. I remember The Beatles and all the memorabilia as they would call it now, and loved their songs then and grew up loving them, as I still do now, and will not change this now. To think of how humble and mellow things were back then and how horrible things are these days is amazing. The young people of today wear the most ugliest clothes I have ever seen, they have awful ugly beards,their music is painful,angry,crude and all sounds the same. The whole World has gone bad,from being morally right and caring , what we get now is a made up word, as politically correct and this new thing whatever it is ,has got to be one of the most awful things ever. It seems now that being right is in fact wrong and to be right about things is wrong.Why are Patriots and folk who love their countries called racists and fascists when in reality, it’s them who are the fascists as a wise man said many years ago.Even the law goes against the native people and panders to so called refugees who only want to take over the place and shove us out, and lets face it many of these people are not very nice at all So why can’t the liberal lefty’s be completely honest with themselves and not think like sheep following the rest of their so called pals.There needs to be a big change in the mind set of the liberal left and as far as the bullies of antifa, they need rounded up and the key thrown away, they are the biggest haters and bullies,not a MAN among the lot of them. Traitors and hypocrites and cowards stalk the streets of our once beautiful towns and cities, not to mention rapists,murderers and thieves. So take a look at how far down the countries of Europe have become with people¬† who hate us coming into our cities, and as bad as it is there are people who want to see UK and USA go bad and be overthrown,like George Sorros and all the many stuck up celebs,these are people who are a million miles from domestic poverty, but will be seen to be helping Africa. It’s a tragedy that hard working home grown patriotic people are being treated as 3rd class citizens in their home countries, they should be top priority. It’s CRIMINAL that Governments should go against the honest God Fearing hard working folks and actually embrace the enemy. You all must know it’s Anti Christ.

The Glorious 4 th of July

What a spectacular show from the Military for 4th of July in front of all the beautiful people of America and the greatest president in history, President Donald.J.Trump . This was a fantastic parade and must make these brave soldiers and military people actually feel important and shame to the nasty flag burners, who really have got nothing to protest about, as they all have great jobs, cars, homes and education, they are total losers and upstarts. So very well done to America and President Trump, we envy you but send our everlasting love and greatest respect.

The Difference is This.

To think that an obscenity like so called comedienne Jo “nasty” Brand can get away with calling on her imbecilic minions to throw acid into our faces is very disturbing. This imbecile has clearly violated every moral conduct and it’s clear also to see that by asking said minions to throw acid into people’s faces , surely must be deemed as a criminal act?, and yet police reluctantly interviewed it at it’s own home and were probably greeted with cups of tea and scones, whereas, it should have been arrested straightaway and locked up, as footage is available showing this creature plying it’s evil and downright hatred against normal people, it,itself, being obviously a creature from God knows where, and not a normal kind human being. If anyone had suggested to throw acid into “it’s” disgusting looking face, I’m pretty sure they would be given a strict prison sentence and as far as anyone who actually pays to go and see this monster, have they no morals left?