Freedom to vote for whoever we want

What has happened after President Trump was elected was and still is, a national and international disgrace, the way people were treated was terrible. The thing is though, these so called liberal far left wing trouble makers really want for nothing, they all have good schools, jobs, homes, cars, clothes and are not short of a buck. Yet they have destroyed and assaulted good clean living people for voting differently from them, they march at the drop of a hat, this terror mob (antifa) should be classed as terrorists, if they were ultra right wing, they would be not just banned, they would be in prison. And this fake news media is to blame for either not reporting on crimes that matter to making up crimes to suit their left-wing beliefs. One only has to look at the sorry state of Europe and a once Great Britain to see clearly that all this mass immigration and diversity is not working, and is in actual (fact) responsible for the murders and rapes of countless innocent people, with crimes of intolerable violence on a scale to which we have never seen in our lifetimes. Growing up in Britain, I always took the word (grooming) as to do with dogs, horses and girls with long hair, now it’s meaning is of child sex abuse, committed by people who have no intentions of even obeying our laws, our once beautiful towns and cities are being turned into cesspits and our inner cities have become (complete) no go areas, where women of any age cannot go out alone.So what kind of world are we living in?, when people who are left-wing minded, actually stand up for these people and turn against the native people . The politicians who allowed all this immigration should be hauled up before the courts and charged with High Treason for the destruction of the good people, our ancestors will be turning in their graves at the thought these quaint little hamlets being made into sleaze pits, they sweated and fought and died to build lovely buildings with parks, fountains, clean beaches, only for this to happen. The enemy only has to fill in a few forms and they are entitled to more benefits than that of the God fearing people who adore peace and love.Our forefathers did not build these great cities to be overrun by murderers and rapists, do you think they did?


New Learning

I have only been introduced to the world of the computer about 2 years ago, but it has opened up many new experiences and one of the most greatest is that we can learn online about all sorts of subjects. One of my favourite websites has got to be Future Learn, this is a free online learning site, where I have did around 12 courses so far and I’m doing one right now. I learned about Life In The Times of King Richard III, Food as Medicine, Genealogy,Hadrian’s Wall,A History of Royal Fashion to mention but a few. Although, I don’t know everything about computers, I do get by, and always learn new things about them.Having said all that, I do believe in children being taught in a classroom, but I think a lot of teachers will be putting out their (own) message with regards to politics and other major issues and the kids will hear things from his or her point of view and this is not right.

Stand Tall

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t harm a fly, yet I myself, and others have been called all sorts of derogatory names, the main two being (Nazi or Racist). What is it with the awful so called (liberal), lefty’s who take their anger and frustration out on people who they know, they can get away with it, they won’t be beheaded. Why  do they hate everything about patriotic people, men and women who are honest, hard working kind people, who are animal lovers and clean living folk. Britain is only a tiny island, we have more than enough problems of our own, why bring so called refugees, who despise us, and have no intention of even living by our laws, yet the sick liberal far left, stand up for them, and demonize ordinary patriotic people, it makes no sense to me. Serious crimes are through the roof, yet few are even reported, or lies are put out, fake news. When I was growing up, grooming was for cats, dogs and horses, or girls with long hair, look at it now. Gay was a word for JOY, and now look at it, they have even stolen our rainbow, have they no originality ?What happened in Rotherham, and many ,many other places in Britain was and is disgraceful, a prison sentence to these paedophiles is a home from home. In the city of Manchester, women cannot go out alone, London is worse, is this diversity a good thing?, is it all hunky dory and good for the country and the people, who’s ancestors sweated to build these once beautiful towns and cities. Build a wall all around our small island , and the one’s who commit their evil crimes, deport immediately .

Popular “music” of today.

I find the popular music of today to be utterly horrible, it’s all sleazy and right in your face, in fact I would have to say, it’s just downright nasty. And what’s with all the hand gestures and the styles are outright laughable. As for the music itself, they sound like evil nursery rhymes, but nursery rhymes all the same. It’s so repetitive and all the same. When Oasis came out and of course Nirvana, it was a breath of fresh air, original and not downright sleazy garbage. Is this what it’s come to ? Since the demise of Top of the Pops among other things it has all been crap. I used to think it was great when MTV came out, but now I am not so sure about all that either. I love to this day, the music from the 60s and 70s, which can now be heard regularly on TV adverts or good radio stations, and of course the internet. This stuff was far superior, better written and produced, remember Brian Epstein The Beatles, The Stones, now that’s what I call music.