Black Pool

Having spoken to a friend who was recently on holiday in Blackpool, she had came back early as she couldn’t stand any  more the way in which she was treated and the unkempt state of the town and beach. She described the place as filthy and as for the people, she tells me, they were arrogant and downright abusive. She went on to tell me the people she was having the trouble with were muslem hordes. The beach was packed from one end to the other with these muslems who wore long dresses and one could only see the eyes. So much was the sight of this that her grand children were actually too afraid to go down to the beach, so they decided to go to the Pleasure Beach and this turned out to be just as bad, with abuse hurled at them and of course, undertones of not being made welcome here. Is this now the sorry sad state of our once beautiful towns and cities and how can we reverse all this liberal lunacy for the sake of our children and their children. Do we want to see these  people abusing our own children, because this is what’s happening and is only the words of one family, just think how the good folk of Rotherham feel, they have been let down by a government who pander to the needs of foreigners before the needs of their own. My parents both did their part during WW2 and to think of the lives that were lost and ruined and all for what ? I am not a racist and neither are Katie Hopkins who has been out and mixed with these people and the abuse this brave lass took was horrible, she is on video being spat at, shoved and groped by these muslem men. She sees what is going on in England today, so why can’t the

liberal lefty’s also see what’s going on ?  The working class people are paying the price for all this diversity and it’s not going to ever work, here or in Europe and the Merkels and the Tony Blair’s should be held accountable for the never ending misery being put on good honest people. Not only is diversity a complete and utter failure, it is political evil towards us the people.


The Terrible Youth of Today

Rap music is the most annoying thing to have been created in the modern world. It is full of hate, disrespect,abuse, sleaze and right in yer face. The dress code of young people today is also very annoying and to put it mildly, downright stupid looking. You have guys with jeans hanging from them,horrible square beards,peircings which look septic,women covered in tattoos,ugly short short hair and attitudes. What is also deplorable is the silly hand gestures that are made. This together with their whole nasty rotten attitudes is a bad joke man ! Let the black folk do all that crap, and get a grip .

Promoting Our Heritage

Western history and heritage should be promoted and respected in all our schools, colleges and universities even more so than in the past. It is very important that we learn the truth about our ancestors, and to know that they built beautiful towns and cities for us, their ancestors. They were so proud of what they achieved and they would be turning in their graves to think that our enemies are being let into our countries with the intent to take over, and without even a fight they are pandered to. The so called “refugees” are laughing all the way to their bank, and hard working ,good honest people are being persecuted and are afraid to speak out. Look at what happened to Jayda  and Paul of Britain First when they told of (how we all feel), and spoke against the precious muslems in a truthful way, they were both jailed. And while in Prison, Paul Gooding was violently attacked by their mob and sorely beat up. This should never have been allowed to happen, any of it.People who agree with Britain First from other countries , who came over to see them, were allowed off the plane and put on to another and sent away. Is this a FREE COUNTRY ?, never on your life is it free.  Freedom of speech here means you could very likely end up in jail.

Another young man ,who was so fed up with his country looking ever more like Pakistan decided to smear pieces of bacon over the handle of a muslem holy place and was imprisoned, and whilst in jail, he was savagely beaten to death. This is tragic, and these people cause a real threat to ordinary people of Britain.  What would or will become of us when muslems are allowed to get in to high security jobs,military or otherwise.

Will they hold aliegence to Britain, or will Islam come first, I think we ALL know the answer to that by now. So are we all screwed, here in Britain and Europe ? President Trump seems to be the only sane person in the entire world.   How many more deaths will it take until something is actually done about all this hatred, and yet another attrocity in Canada, with their relaxed liberal laws they can expect a great deal more, while the poor Syrian people are being bombed and put out into the streets, where do they end up, over here in Britain or one of the nicer countries.

Just sit and do nothing

Many Christians as well as many, many people are at the stage , where they think this World is at an end, or very near to it. Without even raising an objection, people in Britain and Europe are having their ways of life taken away from them, and they can’t seem to do anything about it. And if, in fact they do something about it, then they are sent to prison. Look at Jayden Francen and her friend , look at the poor guy who only smeared a door handle with bacon was jailed, and murdered while he was their.  So everyone who stands up for their once beautiful nation is branded a racist, scum and homophobia . When, really, it’s the liberal leftist,who take their frustration out on the right,because of being easy targets and really it’s the foreign trashy sex offenders and murderers coming into the country who are to blame. But by condoning all this hatred against right wing people, they are making these unruly, savage people welcome.And more and more welcome, even pandering to them, or feeling it is their duty to pander to them, well it’s not. Far too many people are sitting doing nothing about the country they are living in, and react against the patriotic folk of the country and hurl abuse and sheer hatred to them. Do they think they will be safer? So called celebs have got to be the worst ,with their fenced off houses, they never need to walk past gangs of nasty people at street corners, or even take anything to do with them,but to make sure, they stay safe, they will make their voice heard.  Look at me, I’m doing (good), sure ! Keeping favor with the scourges more like. The Holy Bible tells us of the end, and what the Earth will be like, multitudes of nasty people, like liberal leftists  who will despise Christianity and it’s people, have no morals, be full of sin and sinful thoughts and actions. This all looks so familiar to today.

A Word of Peace

We, in the Western World will never find peace and it will only get worse, and a great deal of the blame lies solely with the liberal left wing cruel ways of thinking. On one hand they all claim to want peace but on the other hand, they stand for terrorism and utter hatred. Believe me, I know them as soon as I see them , you know the kind, the ones who look down their noses at you and think they are above you. Well, in my head, a working class Hero is something to be. They will side with so called refugees and totally go against the common people, yet they will condemn the Queen of England and President Trump who are trying to improve the nations. Why should we be letting into our countries, more people who despise us and do all they can to screw us up? It is with great sadness that I watch my once beautiful towns turn into crime ridden and violent shit holes and if you can’t see this, you are NOT of this world, just full of hatred.                   Let It Be.

Today’s Styles

I find the styles of clothes, haircuts,attitudes, music and most everything else  today so nasty, so ugly, in your face and offensive. Women are going around covered in tattoos, septic looking studs sticking out their eyebrows,belly buttons and wherever else. Guys wear jeans that hang way down, horrible haircuts shaved with silly designs, jeans with rips all down the front,facial and neck tattoos. And then there’s the most ugliest music filled with hatred, violence, sex and pure sleaze.  It’s all the same, ranting and raving, then a young girl will mellow it down a bit and then it’s all back to the swearing,showing off their guns, cars and scantily dressed girls. I hate it all, (whassup), (homie),and the horrible word they always use (bitch). Music from the 60s and 70s was great, these people put so much into it, and the results were amazing, look at all the classic music and songs, which are still being sung to this day. And it’s not because I’m getting older I feel this way, even when that rap crap came out, I thought, my God, listen to that garbage man !Back in the day, bands, and even ordinary working people would take pride in their dress code and were always neat and tidy, even with the long hair.The hippy look was far more cool ans stylish than the stupidity today. They don’t even know how to spell properly and use words like (gangsta,bitch, whatssup, and tons of garbage.I remember bands like The Beatles, The Stones and The Small Faces wearing coloured trousers,shirts and cool hats, birds had mini skirts, beads and beautiful stuff. Today they are an embarrassment .

True History and Heritage

In Liberalism, life can be surmised as nothing more than economic consumerism mixed with a strong belief in Whiggish mathematical optimism. Not to mention that humanity is reduced to nothing more than (matter in motion) attempting to exert itself in power for ever greater power for itself. As Leo Strauss noted back in 1953, the logical end of liberalism- through it’s understanding of humanity and the purpose of life and politics- was an implicit atheism, political hedonism, and cultural nihilism. Tradition is a living and growing progress,we must keep and protect our heritage and must never allow history to be either changed or erased to suit people who have a problem with it. After all history was first and to be really true to ones own self , Western history and even politics has not been so bad. Many nations apart from America and Great Britain used slaves, and with far more brutality. The issue about slaves and the use of them has been going on since Bible Times, and even now, still goes on,but not in the civilized countries. So why do they do ALL they can to insult the USA and UK ? Do Afro Americans honestly wish that it never happened and that they were all still back in Africa, somehow I don’t think so. And totally innocent people in Germany,with their once beautiful Towns and Cities never hear the end about the holocaust and the rise of the Nazi Reich