Popular “music” of today.

I find the popular music of today to be utterly horrible, it’s all sleazy and right in your face, in fact I would have to say, it’s just downright nasty. And what’s with all the hand gestures and the styles are outright laughable. As for the music itself, they sound like evil nursery rhymes, but nursery rhymes all the same. It’s so repetitive and all the same. When Oasis came out and of course Nirvana, it was a breath of fresh air, original and not downright sleazy garbage. Is this what it’s come to ? Since the demise of Top of the Pops among other things it has all been crap. I used to think it was great when MTV came out, but now I am not so sure about all that either. I love to this day, the music from the 60s and 70s, which can now be heard regularly on TV adverts or good radio stations, and of course the internet. This stuff was far superior, better written and produced, remember Brian Epstein The Beatles, The Stones, now that’s what I call music.