Battle of Dunbar


Sir Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector.

Sir Arthur Hasselrigge 31st of October 1650

” Gentlemen….Of the Three thousand prisoners that my Officers told into the Cathedral at Durham, Three hundred from thence, and Fifty from Newcastle of the Sevenscore left behinde, were delivered to Major Clerk by order of the Council.

I also sent them a daily supply of bread from Newcastle, and an allowance equal to what had been given to former Prisoners. But their bodies being infected, the Flux increased among them.

500 men were moved into the Castle by the 30th of October 1650 and provided withe very good mutton Broth, Beef mutton boiled together and a physician dressed their wounds.”

We all of our own opinions of Oliver Cromwell and his Parliamentarian Army, but it has been recorded and these ,actual letters still survive to this very day.

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