A Song of the Hugenots

NOW glory to the Lord of hosts, from whom all glories are!

And glory to our Sovereign Liege, King Henry of Navarre!

Now let there be the merry sound of music and of dance,

Through thy corn-fields and sunny vines,O pleasant land of France!

And thou, Rochelle, our own Rochelle, proud city of the waters,

Again let rapture light the eyes of all thy mourning daughters.

As thou wert constant in our ills, be joyous in our joy,

For cold, and stiff, and still are they who wrought thy walls annoy.

Hurrah! Hurrah! a single field hath turned the chance of war,

Hurrah! Hurrah! for Ivry and Henry of Navarre.

2 thoughts on “A Song of the Hugenots

  1. Thank You so much Jeannette for your kind reply, I just had to post this, and share it with such lovely people as yourself. Your blogs are most welcome. The time here is 02.10 am and I must try to get some well needed sleep. But ,I will take a closer look at your blogs tomorrow, take care, and thanks again.


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