Just found out about this awesome band and their great music sounds Medieval at times and at other times they sound very modern, even futuristic, wow ! ,what a great new find. I haven’t got one single clue as where they hail from. I will have to look into them some more.

Tales of Terror

THE  Laboratory  of  Hallucinations 

The  wife  of  Dr. Gorlitz, a mad surgeon,  tries  to  flee  her  husband.  However,  Gorlitz operates  on  her  lover, putting  him  in  a  zombie-like  state.  At the  climax,  he  overpowers the  doctor  and  begins  to  operate  on him.


The  Man  Who  Killed  Death.

A scientist  revives  the  decapitated  head  of  a  man  guillotined for  murder.  His  attorney,  still  unsure  of  the  man’s  innocence,  asks  the  head if it  was guilty.  The  head  continuously  screams  NO ! as the  attorney  is driven  insane.






I would  just  like  to  take  the  time  to  say  thank you  to  everyone  in right wing organisations and who are constantly fighting the evils of multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness. If our children are to stand any chance of living in a free society, we must all come together and stand up and be counted.